Process is where the product is taken from it's raw or base form, and turned into its final form. This could be making the dough and baking it into bread, mashing the grain and fermenting it into beer or receiving the milk and blending it to achieve the right fat/protein content.

Processing often involves many different ingredients, powders, liquids, pastes, gasses and the way they're manipulated by heating, cooling, mixing, shredding and then portioning.



Packaging is where the single product is then packed into a variety of formats, often moving from a single item into a final format. This could be cans, bottles, bags, sachets or trays, moving into 6-packs, cartons, multi-bags, larger trays, and finally onto pallets that may or may not be stretch-wrapped.

During packaging there is a lot of check weighing, labelling/coding and sealing.



Design is where we take a concept and figure out how to make it work. This often involves checking to see if it meets Australian Standards, Codes of Practice, industry norms and client/supplier's requirements.

It also involves calculations of many stages to ensure what's needed can happen in the real world. Finally, it's the choosing of components that can be bought and put together, or describing the process to make them from other items.

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Project management is the process of monitoring and controlling all of these tasks against the time-honored combination of time, cost and quality.

It involves the planning and allocation of the tasks and the monitoring of their progress against a timeline, communication with many parties speaking each of their unique languages in their field of expertise, and knowing what value looks like in each of time, cost and quality.

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