During processing, ingredients are taken from their raw, bulk or original form and modified, adding value and generating a product that complies to set standards.

Processing often involves many different ingredients in the form of powders, liquids, pastes, foams and gasses and modifying them by heating, cooling, mixing, separating, fermenting or reacting them and then portioning.

Bright can assist with processing by defining current or required processes and practices, using industry standard, accurate and measurable methods.We review the processing methods, then apply engineering principles and current technology to improve processing times, increase repeatability and reduce production costs. We also assist in identifying bottle necks in production and modelling the process to define additional equipment equirements.

We also assist in commissioning new processes or validating existing ones, developing training packages and training your staff. We design andcomplete commissioning or remedial cleans and system passivations.



Packaging is the final step in the process, where your product becomes ready to leave the factory. Completion of primary packaging is normally a Critical Control Point, and all forms of packaging form a big part of your customers’ perception of your brand.

We have experience with a wide variety of packages, including bottles, jars, pouches, tubes, wraps, sleeves, cups, cartons, punnets, boxes, bulk packs, pallets and many more. We also have experience with mass and volume filling, weighing, inspecting, labelling, coding, printing, indexing, sealing and tamper-evident systems.

Bright can help with identifying critical product and package attributes, developing a User Requirement Specification, and modelling your entire production line including people movements and raw materials storage to ensure each part meets your requirements.

We are independent, and work with many packaging equipment suppliers and act as your representative, developing a scope, comparing different offerings, and assisting with contract preparation. We also assist in commissioning a new production line or validating an existing one, or troubleshooting issues.



We start with a concept and readily available information. We complete additional measurements where required, using a range of specialist instruments and data loggers.

We complete detailed calculations and models to ensure the design is fit for purpose.

As part of design, we also ensure we comply with Australian Standards, Codes of Practice, industry norms and client/supplier’s requirements.

We also complete the selection of instruments and components, and the documentation and drawings to ensure accurate assembly.

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We can manage your project from concept through to commissioning.

We use specialist software and our own in-house tools to monitor and report on time, cost and quality.

We communicate with all relevant parties, from operators to management, government bodies and regulatory authorities, other designers, builders and trades, speaking each of their unique languages in their field of expertise.

Project management is the process of monitoring and controlling all of these tasks against the time-honoured combination of time, cost and quality.

It involves the planning and allocation of the tasks and the monitoring of their progress against a timeline, communication with many parties speaking each of their unique languages in their field of expertise, and knowing what value looks like in each of time, cost and quality.

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